ELPROMA is the world leader in network time synchronization solutions, designed to keep computer clock highly accurate and stable. The company provides trusted time (UTC) and secure timestamping service (RFC3161) to the financial industry, power distribution , telecom, enterprises and government organisations globally.

ELPROMA commercializes NTP/PTP IEEE1588 synchronization in two business models:

  1. TAAS - Time As A Service. Hardware is loaned and FREE, you only only pay for using it.
  2. SALES of own made NTP/PTP Time Servers. When buying, you are owning our hardware.

ELPROMA also offers special version of servers that appoints standarization for following 4 main markets:

 financial market, power grids, telecom,   air traffic control


Every day billions of people trust ELPROMA, and we synchronize their millions of dollars worth IoT. That's why robust synchronization has become an important today. We do not compromise when security, stability, reliability is at risk.  We are the only one taking into account the risk of GPS jamming and spoofing today. That is why our devices can use two independent redundant GNSS-based receivers - each supporting: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO*, BEIDOU*, IRNSS**. Furthermore, we know that nature of mankind is making mistakes. Synchronization mistakes threatened to the power industry might cause BLACKOUT. On the financial market, where billions of dollars are involved, we deliver trusted, cryptographically authenticated time with property of non-repudiation. This is why Elproma is mostly chosen when ESMA MiFID II directive is taken in to account. Additionally we ensures solid holdover (oscillator), and recommend synchronization to external servers from NMI to protect against GNSS errors (e.g. SVN23). Elproma is also active in developing new technologies for secured time transfer for legal time operations important at: B2B, B2C, B2G  (read about DEMETRA TSI#2)

Cryptographic Timestamping RFC3161 ANSI ASC X9.95 is added value functionality. It is important mechanism for the long-term preservation of e-signatures, data sealing. Any  place  where  consequences  may have  a  financial  impact  or  concern  the safety  of  people, or  when  automation performs functions under the penalty of law, the reliable  time stamping  is  no  less  important than synchronization. It proves non-repudiation when data was created, received or copied. This technology helps protect event chronology and IT system integrity (read more).   




As small as 2x2cm, offering PDV hardware PHY timestamping with accuracy of 25[ns]. It basis on FPGA offering top security where each LAN interface has own IP stack for PTP/IEEE1588:2008 operations. Easy to integrate to your hardware. It can work in PTPv2 MASTER ir SLAVE mode.


Single board PC for precision PTP/SyncE timing

(6x5cm) NTP/PTP Mini Server


No network too big or too small for Elproma servers. For more of applications of today the std. NTS-3000GNSS or NTS-4000OCXO are fine. For advance IT/IoT including, financial market, telecom, power grid - we recommend NTS-5000Rubidium with optional 1 to 4 autonomous operating PTPv2/IEEE1588:2008interfaces (each supports nanosecond accuracy and has own IP stack for PTP operations). For small industrial and M2M networks, a new NTS-pico will be probably suitable. In all cases please consider of using our TSA Time Stamping Authority for long-term preservation of LOG, PDF, DB, JPG, MP3, MOV file sealing for future AUDITS. Elproma is also offering high precission PTP/NTP/SyncE for OEM. It is available as FPGA, embedded PCB, industrial PC.